300 Public Stairways in Los Angeles
An urban thru-hike, April 27 to May 6, 2012
        We finished our 10-day, 190-mile thru-hike of an urban route that links 300+ public stairways in Los Angeles. We started at Flintridge Friday evening (4/27) after work; after wandering through numerous communities, staying the nights in friends' backyards and motels, we finished the trek in San Pedro Sunday morning (5/6). 
        The trek was designed and led by Bob Inman, author of "A Guide to the Public Stairways of Los Angeles" (third edition coming soon).
        Our daily updates were posted in the guestbook; preliminary stats are on the second tab; more details including GPS data will be posted soon. 

        Some of the less crazy things we do, other than our day jobs, are shorter urban walks in LA, featuring stariways, park trails, history, culture, social interactions and more. Bob leads regular walks-- check out his facebook page. We are also proud veterans of Dan Koeppel's BigParadeLA and StairTrek -- check out BigParadeLA.com or Dan's facebook page.

Bob Inman, Andrew Lichtman and Ying Chen

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